About Me

Hi. My name is Ibrahim. I am a PhD student at Vanderbilt university with a concentration in Electrical Engineering (EE). I also have a double major in EE and physics.

I am interested in electronics, computer vision, machine learning, web & mobile development, and astrophysics.

Currently I am doing research with reinforcement learning for fault-tolerant control systems in smart buildings. My undergratuate research was in astrophysics on dark matter simulations. I also did research on radiation hardening experiments for electronics in space.

I like to run, and play tennis, football, and video games. I read fiction, cook (because no meal plan for grad students :() and work on personal projects.

This is a 60-second description of my current research work:

Here’s a video I made on my previous research project. The video was for my fellowship with the Vanderbilt Institute of Digital Learning where I explored new ways of teaching using digital media.