Ibrahim Ahmed

Writings about work and a plethora of curiosities.


2024-04: I gave a talk at Trane Technologies’ Data Science Forum: Reinforcement learning - a theoretical and practical introduction.

2023-11: Public release of multirotor 0.5: a python library for simulating drones.

2023-10: I finished a course on using Langchain for function-calling agents on Deeplearning.ai.

2023-09: I gave an invited talk on demystifying the AI hype at Tennessee State University.

2023-06: I am doing a summer research contract on Genetic Algorithms for robotic path planning.

2023-05: I successfully defended my thesis on Fault-tolerant control using reinforcement learning.

2023-05: Our paper titled “Model-based adaptation for sample efficient transfer in reinforcement learning control of parameter-varying systems” was accepted to IEEE CoDIT 2023.